Friday, 3 December 2010

Oh... nuts... NFC, coming to a cellphone near you...

I really have had enough of the banks.

It's bad enough that the banks like Barclays went and added NFC (Near Field Communications, otherwise known as "contactless card technology", much like an Oystercard for public transport in London) to credit and debit cards, and then issued them without opt-in or opt-out to their customers - we've no damned choice, it seems - add to this that Barclays then RAISED the maximum amount that could be charged on their contactless cards from £10 to £15 - again, no choice in the matter. Now, when you consider that it's apparently easy to have an electronic version of someone picking your pocket with these damned things - and now they want to add them to our phones as well?!

It seems that the banks have become tired with waiting for the cellphone manufacturers to install NFC technology into their new models, and are starting to go it alone. Read about it here.

Now, given the security threat that exists with NFC cards (there's hardly ever a requirement for cardholder verification, you don't even have to enter your PIN most of the time, you just swipe and run), I'll happily bin my smartphone upgrades, and use my current, non-NFC mobile phone, and a normal wallet with cash, when the time comes - and I'm looking forward to when someone, somewhere, manages to make a reliable, cheap, wallet with a built-in Faraday cage for the damned card that they've already damn well issued to me!

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