Monday, 17 March 2008

Another site that fails to adhere to web standards and Browser Compatibility...

A freind of mine pointed me to the other day. I only just got around to having a look at it.

Certain categories of video there require you to verify your age. Not unreasonable, that (and no, it's not porn!). Unfortunately, their system is NOT Firefox compatible: I cannot reach the sign up page (called by a malformed JavaScript command), and I point blank refuse to fire up IE just so some lazy webmaster can say he's designed an uber site that all manner of folks visit and enjoy. Even I, when I've designed sites in the past, have included NON-JavaScript navigation alternatives for visitors. I have my principles (not many, I will admit), and I stick to them!

Therefore, I cannot see the videos I wanted to look at.

Thus, they've lost out on another potential premium customer.

Short-sighted, is what it is. Where's Browser Compatibility?

Come to that, where the hell is adherence to web standards?

Answers on a postcard, if you can be bothered to do so!

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