Monday, 17 March 2008

Don't get me wrong here, I know this is gonna be controversial.

I am not a Cleric - nor do I want to be. Here, however, is my less than holy sermon.

Clergyman in 'hate crime' attack

London bishop's horror at attack

Now, if it had been a 'minority' religion's cleric that had been attacked by white youths, there'd have been a riot by now, burning effigies, flags, and all manner of nastiness, most likely. We saw a similar thing happen in Bradford not so long ago, between what I probably incorrectly remember being two rival groups from different backgrounds, separated by religion.

Now that I've made half of you scream in anger and want to string me up for being another Enoch Powell, give me a little time to explain myself.

I'm far from being a perfect Christian: This I freely admit. I hardly ever turn the other cheek, I've probably committed my share (and then some) of the Mortal Sins, and so on... but I do believe in God.

I also believe that his representatives on this Earth, WHATEVER the religion or creed, are to remain inviolate - that is, untouchable, to be left strictly alone, not to be subjected to violence, and so on: You get the idea.

So. Given the lack of riots, other religions' holy places of worship not being ransacked, and so on infinitum, can we agree that somewhere along the line, certain elements within certain religions will use any excuse to rail against the country that took them, or their elders, in?

Where's the tolerance, folks? Where's the respect for ones' fellow man?

More to the point, even though there was no protest riot after the dastardly deed was done, are you going to shop the cowardly oiks that attacked a Christian cleric on holy ground, or are you going to keep being a small, but loud, bunch of small-minded Hypocrites, bending your religions Holy Words to your own twisted ends, or are you finally going to see that community spirit, the obeyance of English law, and the respect to others to continue to practice their own ways, like the vast majority of your fellow folks, is the way forward?

I would remind you of an oxymoron: "Shoot all Extremists".

Here endeth the Sermon. Go in peace. AFTER you've shopped the youths responsible for this outrage.

Thanks for listening.

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