Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Free Our Data: Make taxpayers' data available to them

A nice blant this time

The Guardian has had this campaign running for a while now, but not being one of their readership, I'd not noticed it, until I came across it by chance at a forum I'm a member of...

I think that this is one argument we can all agree on (unless you work for OSGB, or are a Government minister of the Exchequer, etc )

Boiled down, the idea is that all government data (not, I hasten to add, classified or sensitive data) should be free for any individual, rather then business, to obtain (by means of electronic download, I hope), to re-use as he or she see fit.

Excellent idea, given that in the main, we've already paid for it through our taxes!

Read the campaign material: It's interesting, and a surprisingly common sense idea for once - if it all comes off, it'll be handy to actually be able to use the stuff we've already paid for!

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