Wednesday, 19 March 2008

It seems Orange are as difficult to get rid of as flies around dog droppings.

It's official. When I'm furious, it takes more than fifteen drafts to get the steam out of my ears.

I've had myriad problems over the last eighteen plus months, with Orange Broadband, but also with their customer disservice people. Such is the extent and rudeness of those folks that I'm attempting to take my business elsewhere, as you probably noticed below. I've got a Broadband "migration activation code" I believe it stands for - coming in the post. THAT was the easy part, for once.

I've been attempting to get a PAC (I'm reliably informed that this stands for Porting Authority Code) for my phone, but they keep telling me I have two months to run on the contract, when I have documentary evidence (see the scan in the previous post on this topic, below) confirming IN WRITING that my contract expired three months ago. Frankly, I do not care for their bully-boy style sales tactics one jot, and the sooner I'm out of there, the happier I'll be. I will not, out of good manners, say what I truly think of them, but you can rest assured that this is one man who will never, ever, recommend their service, or even return to them, at all.

Frankly, they have one final chance to do the decent thing, and admit they're wrong and give me the MAC code, and that will be on Tuesday, since they're likely to be on holiday over this weekend, and I do not fancy raising my blood pressure over the holiday weekend in any case.

Come Tuesday, however, I plan to take the least possible amount of my time over them. Failure on their part means that I cease using their SIM card in my fully paid-for non-contract sim-free phone, go to another [provider (O2, most likely), get a SIM-only deal, and use that number from then on, rather then the mobile number that I've been using for the last ten years or so. Grossly inconvenient that'll be as well, as I'll then have to notify ALL my contacts (well over two hundred) of the change in phone number, and some are bound to be missed off somehow.

Orange will then get my final Direct Debit payment at the end of the month (and you can be certain I'll be checking with the bank that they took the same amount as they claim in the bill this month), for the completed month to the last statement date, whereupon I cancel the Direct Debit, check the billable charges to that point, and send them a cheque in full and final settlement to their Chairmen with a covering letter explaining why. They want any more from me, they can issue a summons, and to hell with them.

That's how steamingly angry I am with those morons at Orange.

Hope that makes things clear

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