Thursday, 11 February 2010

The good, the bad, and the completely bonkers!

One of the things - actually, to be strictly accurate, two of the things - that I miss when I'm not spending time with my better half, are The Furnatics, as I've come to call them, these being Achtung and Chunky... if you're a regular reader here, you'll know exactly who I mean. For those who aren't, and who therefore don't, they're my better half's pair of German Shepherd Dogs, and a nuttier pair of completely bonkers dogs you've never met

Since I'm a guest at my better half's place, and had been asked, I walked them the other evening (besides, I need the exercise!), and spotted this vista...

I'm a great lover of good vista (meaning 'view', not the computer operating system!) photos, and while my own efforts don't tend to do the great photographers even a touch at running for their money, do help to capture the sights for me...

This one, aside from reminding me that I was knackered, cold, and wondering just where the dogs were leading me, was nice :) It's almost at the moment where the stars start to become visible, while there's still a small amount of light available to see the gound by. Couple this with being in the sticks, without the hullabaloo of cop cars screaming past my flat on their blues and twos every ten seconds (it seems), and you can see why I like it here

I like those two furnatics as well, but for different reasons - having convinced themselves that the family is still here (Morning Chunky, get that wet nose outta my face!), they've now gone completely bonkers - right now, they're barking up a storm downstairs, probably wanting to get at the postman, while I'm tapping away on the computer, and my better half is enjoying a well earned lie-in

If the wages weren't so much lower out here, I'd move over here from London in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, they are, and property prices are still stupidly high (and getting higher again) in the south, so I guess I'll remain an occasional visitor to these here parts, as usual, dammit.

Still, at least I can enjoy and savour moments like those in the photo above

Makes it all the more worthwhile

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