Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Hypocritical contracts...

I may be on leave, but I keep an eye on the news, like many of us.

First off, here's the news article...

So, what do I think of Mr. Johnson's decision to cut the budget for the Metropolitan Police?

I think he's a typical politician. You cannot trust a blasted word he says in his manifesto.

So, what can be done about this?

Sod all.

Until we add law to the statute book to treat a manifesto as a binding contract if a party or person is elected, they'll be legally allowed to be as hypocritical as you could possibly imagine.

Now, I never voted for Mr. Johnson, I voted Lib-Dem, and have done for ages. And while I voted for Ken when he was about (I'm on the buses, and he's a proven track record in keeping the funding there, that's called enlightened self-interest - no-one ever said *I* couldn't be hypocritical!), there's no other Labour politician I'd vote for - I just don't trust 'em further than I could throw them, ditto the Conservatives.

Now, who does that leave in the mainstream? Yup. Lib-Dems.

Isn't it high time we gave them a chance at doing what they've been saying they can do?

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