Saturday, 13 February 2010

They must be out of their tiny minds (again)...

I seem to be hitting the news of late...

Here's the article...

21 hour week?

Yeah, right. Remember the three day week? The cause was industrial unrest. The result was rather predictable. Most people earned less, and quality of their lives (the very thing that these gits are today saying would be improved on a three day week) suffered mightily, right across the nation. Hardly anyone was unaffected, and the repercussions of it are still, to some degree, echoing across the nation through changed employment and union laws, social welfare "reforms", and so on ad nausium.

Let's also, while we're at it, see home repossessions skyrocket, yet more people below the bloody poverty line, and so on. It's not like we haven't got enough worries without these bloody idiots trying for more social ills through their completely bonkers ideas for social reform, is it?

Can these muppits not see common sense for once? It stands to reason that if you work longer hours then yes, you won't see family and friends quite as much, but the flip side of that coin is that you'll earn more, your financial worries will ease over time and generally, you'll get to be able to buy what you want, when you want, rather than having to put it off because the bills are due in two weeks. You'll also get to have a shot at better holidays when you take leave from work, as you'll be able to afford to spend more on them.

Yes, it's a pain in the backside to have to work longer hours, but the payoff is better finances, and probably a happier home life from that as well.

In any case, the EU Work Time Directive is already with us, and that's made an impact, and not generally for the good in a few areas so, can we please let sleeping dogs lie for once, and not try to mess up the fabric of society with more cockeyed barmy ultra-left wing ideas of a socialist paradise? For pities sake, I'M a socialist (Liberal Democrats are the only viable Socialists left in the main stream, remember), and even I recognise that this 3-day week idea is a bad idea!

So, which is better... more money and an easier time when at home, or becoming a pauper and having your home repossessed?

You tell me.

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