Saturday, 17 July 2010

It's Saturday...

Saturday, as any professional driver will tell you, is actually Sunday, in a not too cunning disguise.

How do we know this?

Easy. From the sheer number and quality - or lack thereof - of amateur drivers, pulling incredibly insane and/or stupidly dangerous stunts in close proximity to buses.

Like the muppit behind the wheel of a mid-green Mondeo-sized car, S 578 NKV, who, tired of tailgating my bus, decided to overtake - on the trailing side zigzag lines of a zebra crossing just as the road went under a railway bridge, with narrowing carriageway and parked cars on the left, as well as a concealed road to the right, both smack-dab after the bridge, - *right as the road began to narrow*, causing me to have to brake hard to avoid a wedging style collision, while sounding the horn, and probably yelling something rather strongly profane. Lucky, then, that it was at around seven am, and that there was stuff all else on the road, and that my passenger loading was exceedingly light (maybe five passengers).

Needless to say, Mr. Gormless, of Number zero, Muppet Street, Idiottown, Nobrainshire, ZZ1 2ZZ, sped off down the road, without a backward glance or even acknowledgement that he screwed the pooch something horrid.

If you're reading this, pal, would you care to tell us why you pulled such a bone-headed stunt?

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