Thursday, 15 July 2010

Self-Important Scatologic Crania...

It really is turning into one of *those* days, today. First, we get the punter from hell, who, probably like his idiot parents before him, has no concept of the phrase "timetable", or "Scheduled Service", and seems to believe that the bus, if he yells loudly enough at the driver, will somehow achieve light speed (however impossible that may be).

Further, when he eventually does want to get off the bus at a request stop, he waits until the bus has passed the stop, and blames the driver for missing the stop with much use of profane, insulting, and frankly thoroughly disgusting language that is in no way suitable for the young - or anyone else, come to that - to hear.

I've searched high and low for a suitably Latin definition for folks like these, and finally found it: "Caput stercoris".

I'd do a search for English-Latin online translation, if you want to know exactly what it means ;-)

In any case, one often wonders if they are the product of the low end of the gene pool, or the rejected matter thereof...

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