Sunday, 18 July 2010

Not exactly driving related...

I was chatting to the better half earlier, and the subject of movies and pub quizzes came up. Seems my pub quiz for her to run at the pub the other day was a tad too hard for one of the regulars, who threw a cushion at her in frustration (it was good natured, for all that, so no harm done). I replied that it must have been the references to various movies, and the conversation meandered about a bit until "Pulp Fiction" came up...

... and that's when the two watt bulb over my head illuminated, and I visualised a couple of characters from that movie in a pub setting... think of the scene where John Travolta (playing 'Vincent Vega') and Samuel L. Jackson (playing 'Jules Winnfield') are selecting weapons from the trunk (Boot) of their car. the scene opens as they open the trunk, viewed from inside the trunk, looking up and out, at them... it's a method of filming that apparently become known as the "Tarantino Trunk Shot". So, imagine the Tarantino Trunk Shot applied to the pub business...

In this fake scene, we have Mr. Bitter, played by Tarantino himself, in the persona of the pub landlord...

Mr. Stout is naturally Harvey Kaitel, in the persona of The Cleaner from Pulp Fiction, "Winston 'The Wolf' Wolfe"... let the comedy commence...!

Black screen. Voices fade in from off screen, somewhat muffled, as if by cushions, getting louder.

Yeah, we got someone cheap to do the job. Big mistake. Made a hell of a mess.

No kidding. Coulda toldja that'd happen. Cheap means amateur, after all.

I'm not kidding, there was cleaning fluid all over the place!

Picture clears from the bottom, as the lid is lifted off the seat from where we view Bitter and Stout looking down at us, into the seat.

(pulling a facial expression of abject replusion)

Gagh-! You weren't kidding! That's disgusting!

(in a resigned tone of voice, wincing as he reaches into the seat, off-screen over the top of the camera, and lifts out a stack of beer mats literally dripping green coloured thick glutinous cleaning fluid onto the camera)

Yeah. Tell me about it. There ain't a dry beer mat in the joint, and we open in half an hour.

It got my better half laughing, which was the main reason for doing it, so job done, then :-)

Hope you enjoyed it as much as my better half did ;-)

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