Friday, 18 March 2011

OK, and now I'm bleedin' furious.

Our armed forces are stretched to practically breaking point. The RAF can't field enough surveillance aircraft without halting the mothballing of two Nimrod aircraft, the Tornado is expensive and will apparently be obselete in less than a decade, the new Typhoon 2 fighter is already practically obsolete, and way way way to expensive, and the less said about the RNs loss of aircraft carriers the better; further, the Army is due to loose more troops through "redundancy" (as are the other forces, come to that), and now Cameron's sending fighters to Libya?!

We're in a recession. We cannot even afford to sort our own country out; we certainly cannot afford the war that he's currently engaged in in Afghanistan (Don't politicians ever learn? We, and the Russians as well, come to that, got our backsides handed to us before over there, and they're sending our people back to us in body bags for a questionable motive at best - enough already!), and he's sending our boys and girls into ANOTHER harms way?

For pities sake, will these bloody idiots in Parliament NEVER learn?!

I kid you not, next election, if there's a "none of the above" box, I'm ticking it on pure principle.

None of them are trustworthy enough to have a wooden spoon, let alone control of a nuclear-powered country.

I really have had a bellyful of this crap.

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