Saturday, 26 March 2011

OK, it's census day tomorow...

So, here's the problem. They say that visitors to any given home must be included if they're staying overnight.

Problem: They don't make it at all clear if they mean over night from Saturday night to Sunday morning, or overnight from Sunday night to Monday morning. I called their 0300 number (a so-called "local rate" call, so expect to be charged for the privilage of asking the government for help), but that was as useful and user-freindly as a hole in the head.

So I tried their website- it took about the same amount of time (five minutes of less than user-freindly searching), but I found the answer.

If you have guests overnight from Sunday night through to Monday morning, they should be included in the visitor section of the questionnaire.

Here's their answer (link to page here):

How many visitors did you include in question H5?

If you have no visitors staying overnight on census day, please submit your online questionnaire, or go to the declaration on the front page of the paper questionnaire.

If you have visitors staying overnight on census night, Sunday 27 March, answer questions V1 to V4 for each visitor.

If you are completing online you will only see the visitor questions if you entered a number in question H5. If you do not have any overnight visitors on 27 March please enter a "0" (zero).  You can change your online answers at any time until you click “Submit”.

The paper questionnaire has space for up to three visitors, but the online questionnaire has space for up to nine. If you have more visitors staying overnight on 27 March than your questionnaire has space for, please request a continuation questionnaire.

So that's all cleared up - hope this helped you too!

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