Tuesday, 29 March 2011

An exhausting week, to say the least...

It's been one of those weeks from hell, this last week, but at least things get better :-) Pity the roads don't, though...

We were on diversion (yet again) last night, as we have been for a few days now (I managed to avoid the worst of it by being on four days rest from last Thursday *grin*), but it's still going on. Reason? Resurfacing in the Croydon town centre.

Now, while I knew that the resurfacing was on - there are bulletins posted in the 'output', where we log in for duty each shift at the depot - and CentreComm (the TfL Buses control centre in central London) also confirmed this with a radio call to all buses in the area when the diversions kicked in, I'd not seen what they were doing, as we were diverted away from it all; I did know that the diversion added ten to fifteen minutes to the journey, though, and was a right royal pain in the backside!

The following were snapped on the way home, at the Centrale tram stop...

As you can see, the car park underpass is half blocked by trucks and other machinery for the roadworks on the right of the road; in addition, the road to the right, after the 'tunnel', was closed, sending traffic the wrong way up the road to the left; truly a right pig's ear of a mess, and no mistake!

When I arrived on the tram (I have to change trams there, or wouldn't have had a chance to take these later snaps!), they were busy digging an out of service bus (from another company, thankfully!) backwards from where it shouldn't have been going - as I mentioned, we were all on diversion - to go up the hill towards West Croydon; I haven't a clue where the driver thought he was originally heading, as where he'd originally been going was the one way system that they're resurfacing!

Add to the general misery, this truck from Iceland (the store chain, not the country), who obviously hadn't been told that the road that his loading bay was on, was blocked off due to the road works! You can just make out the road works banksman walking away from the truck, having told the driver that he was going to have to break the rules and go up the bus lane, instead of going through the 'tunnel'! I haven't a clue how they restocked the Iceland shop last night, but I dare say they had to get really creative!

Like I said... pity the roads don't get better!

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