Monday, 25 April 2011

Back to work with a wtf?!

So, one long weekend later, having spent the majority of it with the other half, and feeling nicely relaxed, I get back to work. To find that a certain south London football team are playing at home. Oh, joy, thinks I. The roads'll be stuffed up.

Then I see all the Police in what they now call their "Public Order Equipment" - that's riot gear, to you and me. Not a major worry, they tend to do that for most footy matches down here. What grabbed my attention by the eyeballs however, was the sheer numbers of Old Bill. And the Police Horses. In their own riot kit.

Oh 'eck. Who's playing, wonders I.

"It's Palace versus Leeds", my controller happily tells me.

Oh, hell. There's a dodgy reputation, if ever there was one. Cast your mind back a decade or two, and you'll recall that the two worst groups of so-called supporters were those from Millwall and those from Leeds.

You could pretty-much guarantee that the local town/city would be a smouldering heap of wreckage after a visit by either of those groups of football hooligans.

Now, things have, I'l grant, calmed down a fair bit over the past decade...

But seeing the Old Bill geared up for a right old ding-dong is tad on the worrying side, after all.

Especially when you're driving a bus at kicking out time.

Anyone wanna lend me some riot gear in bus company colours?

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