Sunday, 17 April 2011

I just realised something...

Just a short note this morning...

There I was, munching away on a Subway breakfast sub roll (good vaule, too - 6" egg, bacon, and cheese, topped sparingly with my favorite condiment, HP brown sauce, with a coffee, at a rather affordable £2 meal deal, nice!)...

And I suddenly realised that all the cafes and take-away places that I like to eat at, all serve HP sauce - yet everywhere you go these days, you can always find Tomato "ketchup" (sauce, to the British folks reading this - "ketchup" is yet another Americanism that's trying to creep into the Oxford English Dictionary!).

Now, I've seen tomato sauce users at work with that horrible muck. It's like they use it as an internal industrial lubricant, or something.

Brown sauce conneseures, on the other hand, tend to use their brown sauce sparingly: it has a powerful taste to it, so a little goes a long way. We, unlike tomato sauce addicts, tend to use tea or coffee as our lubricants.

Between mouthfulls of food, of course.

It'd be a tad messy at the same time, wouldn't it?

I've been aching to say this here for a while, now's me chance ;-)...

"Now listen carefully, Basildon, I'll only say this once...!"

There are two main brown sauce manufacturers of note, with one brandname apeice. These are HP, and Daddies. HP has, I believe, been around the longest, has a truly international following, and was allegedly named for the initials of the Houses of Parliament - indeed, the bottles bore the picture of the seat of British Government for a great many years - I can't recall if they still show the picture, I'm not at home, I'm at work right now!).

Daddies, on the other hand, is mostly, I believe, a brand with a more northern following in Britain: It's only recently - in the last few years - that I've seen it on sale down here in the south. Tastewise, with my shot to heck tastebuds, there's little to choose between the two; I prefer HP, but that may be brandname loyalty more than anything else ;-)

Anyhow, I just thought I'd share that epiphany with you - The moral, or course, is that the better quality joints out there offer Brown - preferably HP - sauce to their clientelle ;-)

Here endeth the lesson ;-)

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