Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Well, today's not starting out well...

OK, from the top...

Overslept by half an hour, PC went screwey as I tried to access my morning email collection, and the bus to the tram was late, and driven like it was part of a snail race. And then I missed the tram by mere seconds.

So... Since bad luck comes in threes, let's hope the rest of the day goes a shedload better, eh?

P.S. Oh yeah - this was sent via email from my smartphone, so that's something :-) Always thought getting a google mail account was a smart move ;-)

P.P.S. I suppose I ought to point out something about the buses... we run, generally speaking, to two standards: HF and LF.

HF routes are High Frequency routes, where you're going to see a bus at least every 12 to fiftenn or so minutes - more than 4 buses an hour, as a rough rule of thumb. HF routes are run to a timetable, yes, but the overriding idea is to maintain a roughly equal time beteen buses, and this is called "headway". LF routes, on the other hand, are Low Frequency, and as a rough guide, means three or less buses an hour. these are run according to the Timetable.

My bus this morning, to the tram stop, was on an LF bus route. so you can understand my frustration at the lateness ;-)

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