Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Beer - I mean Year!

Happy New Year, everyone

Another dusting (again)...

Well, I woke up this morning to find that we had yet another dusting of snow overnight - luckily it was, indeed, only a light dusting this time, and should melt off fairly rapidly. It also shows that apparently the majority of weather forecasts out there aren't that detailed - the ONLY one to even hint that there was going to be snow was, and I only know of them because of the nifty weather application on my several months-old three-and-a-half-"G"-capable HTC Touch Pro 2 mobile phone - cum - PDA

Y'know I used to think, when they first announced the whole 3G thing, that it'd be an interesting fad, only used by business folks and true internet geeks on the move. Now I'm happy to admit that I'm wrong, and blimey, was I ever in this case - it's one of the most useful things to hit mobile comms in ages (ever since the introduction of widespread mobile phone networks, in fact). So much so, that I find I'm using it practically every day. Not only for checking email on the move (I like staying fairly well connected, just not when I'm driving, of course!), killing time during breaks by browsing the net, and so on.

It's also good for getting maps of places you don't know in timely manner (Google maps mobile, VERY useful!), and so on... the range of applications is growing every day - and before you say that I must have an iPhone, I'll tell you "no bleeping way!" - I'm very happy with my Windows Mobile PDA/phone, thanks very much, and will be hanging onto it for some time to come!

OK, back to the Ranting part of the Blant...

Frightening driving (again)...

Now, let's hope all the motorists out there have had their daily jug of Java , as some of the driving I saw yesterday was truly frightening

Idiot tracks...

Take this goon. Not content with being a Chelsea Tractor driver, whose tractor probably only sees mud and grass when parked outside his home (the garden), this muppit decided that oh no, the yellow box obviously didn't apply to him, and proceeded, in full view of no less than three CCTV cameras, and probably untold amazed somewhat more sensible motorists, that he'd not only put his lump of iron on a yellow box, but so positioned to block tram tracks as well. There's a phrase for that: Suicidal Impatience.

Lucky for him that the trams come round that corner dead slow (they've seen gits like this before, of course). Were it a railway level crossing, and not tram tracks, there's a good probability that this git would be spread across nine or ten grid squares by now.

Corner Cropping...

Now for this fool. What's the problem? See the red and white sign on the left? It's there for a reason. Buses come out from the left. Honking great big double deckers. To accomplish a safe turn right from the junction (back past my position), they have to use ALL of the space generated by the area forward of the "stop here" sign.

Result in this case? Chances are the fool would have had his car corner cropped to some massive degree.

Moral of these lessons?

OBEY the bloody signage, folks. It's there for a reason!

Here endeth the rant!

Again, Happy New Year, everyone!

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