Tuesday, 19 January 2010

It's Muppitday - official!

Hmph. It's a "traffic" kind of day...

Well, it started out bad - my bloody alarm clock failed to go off, and woke up half an hour later than I meant to, then, after managing to get to the depot on time (I must have hit the only moving gap in the traffic!), on starting the days' work, was sent on diversion thanks to a "very serious road traffic incident" - bus speak for a nasty crash - that closed the main road to the eastern end of the route. Naturally, the diversion was chock full of traffic.

No real loss though, as for some reason, passngers were scarce that trip, and I was only five minutes late getting onto the standat the other end.

The trip back was almost as bad, and I've re-named "Tuesday" as "Muppitday" to comemorate it, as every low-brow, half-wit, moronic, single-braincell, myopic, dim-witted, half-baked twit that ever walked the planet, had decided to get behind the wheel of their (delete as applicable) Merc / white van / minicab / four by four / BMW / pushbike.


It was "carve-a-bus-up" hour!

And I hadn't even got a third through my shift yet.

Hoooooooooo boy, is it shaping up to be a peach of a day, or what?!

We'll see how the rest of the day pans out, but if it's anything like the first bit, the day off I've got tomorrow won't come soon enough!

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