Saturday, 30 January 2010

It's not so quiet...!

Well, as rest day shifts go, this one was fairly quiet, incident- and idiot-wise.

Only a couple of muppits on the roads (who really, really, need to revisit their highway Code books - here's a hint - rule 223 ring any bells?), nothing like what I was expecting from a Friday night in South London, to be honest.

The liveliest it got was shortly after I took this photo (taken from the CCTV video screen in the cab)... Guess I tempted fate again, as I think I muttered something like "Isn't it nice and quiet tonight, let's hope it stays that way"... you'd think I'd've learnt by now, but noooooo!

So what happened to ruin the peace and quiet? Easy: A bunch of twenty or so youngsters - in their late teens to early twenties (heh, I can say that with a straight face these days, "youngsters"!) - got on, and, after unsuccessfully trying to bring on a beer can (open), and a glass of wine - both of which are not permissable under the terms and conditions of carriage, the PSV regulations, and lately TfL rules, they accepted that I was sitting firm on the issue, and left the offending articles on the kerb, and settled down into a boisterous banter between themselves at the back of the bus - then targeted me for some form of praise that I'd not heard the like of before - singing "Hail to the bus driver, bus driver, bus driver" over and over again. It actually had me laughing my backside off, as not one of them could hold it in key!

It's nice to have a bunch of happy drunks, being cheerful and funny, without the "tears before bedtime" rubbish you so often see these days - heck, they even apologised for being out of tune as they got off the bus a few stops later!


nino.kawasaki said...

hail to the bus driver - it's a song that's quite well known, i first heard it in the simpsons.

Roger said...

heh, that's what they were singing alright :) I don't get to watch the Simpsons that often, so there's why I didn't know of it!