Thursday, 28 January 2010

So much for a few quiet days off...

There I am, relaxing in front of the telly, waiting for a repeat of an episode of a series I've never seen end-to-end before, and oh, what a surprise, the bloody phone's ringing. So much for that episode. Again.

Seems work has a lack of drivers tomorrow, and could I drive one of the jobs, please? So, after questions as to which routes I know (the two main route problems for tomorrow being on routes I don't know, lol), we get to a job on a route I do know. Oh joy, and there I was, thinking I might've gotten out of it after all. Oh well, the extra readies'll come in handy when I'm on leave in just over a weeks time, at any rate. At least it's a late shift, meaning I get a good mornings lie-in, after all

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