Friday, 8 January 2010

Welcome to Snofu '10...

I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that this bout of snow, ice, and bloody cold, is becoming a problem of epic proportions...

The BBC news today (the Freeview BBC News Channel) commented in a human interest article in Wales, that isolated communities - villages, hamlets, etc, were in danger of running out of basic foodstuffs, in addition to those that are currently already without power and communications due to the outages because of the weather.

The Road haulage Association, and for that matter, all freight haulage systems, are straining under the weight of the weather, road conditions suck writ large, and allegedly, supplies of grit (road salt) have been dropping like a stone due to the massive amounts needed to keep arterial - let alone what I'd call axial (or connecting) - routes open and relatively safe.

The Big Freeze back in 1963 apparently had similar problems, but we were, apparently, somewhat tougher as a country. Mind you, we didn't rely on high-tech kit nearly as much, there wasn't a junk-food generation of tellytubbies hoovering up all the food in the house, and we had a LOT of simpler pleasures (there were no home computers, the term "hoodie" hadn't been coined, and the nearest thing to a malcontent was a member of the communist party - it was the Cold War, remember).

Kind of makes you wonder if we're making great strides forward, or shuffling backwards, doesn't it?

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