Friday, 8 January 2010

Snowballs and SuperSoakers...

What is it about kids lobbing snowballs (sometimes containing more solid stuff than snow or ice) at buses?

I don't see the point: The driver can't stop to make it a proper snowball match (with the chances being that the drivers' aim would be markedly more accurate), so the bus is a defenceless target, and can't fight back.

...Hang on...

That makes these kids bullies, right?

Bloody hell, there's a first - buses are being bullied!

Maybe we ought to see SuperSoaker-equipped old bill on the buses, to deal appropriately with these juvenile delinquents?

Picture it, if you will... Junior goes crying home to mummy, bawling about those nasty coppers soaking him in freezing weather for lobbing snowballs at buses...!

Heh... There's a comedy sketch in there somewhere, methinks!

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