Saturday, 16 January 2010

Very Hot Fuzz...

No photo with this one, I’m afraid: I wasn’t in a position to stop and take photos

Driving back to my lunch break this afternoon, I was passed by a series of blue-light using, two-tone yelling, Police vehicles. For all intents and purposes, it looked like something major had happened, and I was fully expecting to get a road closure, or diversion at best.

No such luck. I found them all less than a minute later as I rounded a bend in the road, outside a kebab shop… it was a veritable shift-load of Police vehicles… one van (Ford Transit, I think), two pandas (Vauxhall Astras), one area car (Vauxhall Vectra), one unmarked crime car (a BMW of all things), and something like a dozen policemen, all busy dragging a bunch of the surliest looking fashion-challenged youths (all wearing hoodies, naturally) from the joint... I couldn't see any bodies on the floor, so it must have been an argument or something similar, rather than a more serious incident, but ye gods, that was a shed load of coppers for a mere customer complaint!

You can imagine the script…

Inspector: “What’s occurring?”
Sergeant: “Six seriously out of order youths, and a blindingly hot donner, boss.”
Kebab shop owner: “You wan’chilli wi’dat?”

Oh, and blame one of our Roadside Controllers, Brian, for that last line - and me, for promising to blame - I mean credit - him for it


John said...

Running a red light? Man, you should come to Torbay. It's as if traffic lights (along with indicators and handbrakes) don't exist anymore! What's the world coming to? OK, rant over...
I love your blog, it's so honest and gives a wonderful insight into the fun and games you obviously have on the road.
On another note, I’m also writing a blog and wondered if you would add my URL ( to your list of bus blogs. I’m a part time conductor on vintage buses and am training to be a driver. The blog is popular among those who like to look back to former days! In return I will happily add your blog to my list. John.

Roger said...

I'll be happy to do so, mate :) have fun being a clippy while you can - just don't let a punter ring the bells while you take a jimmy - else your driver'll think you're still on board, and you'll be left there hanging onto something, while the bus roars off *evil grin* Happened to a mate many years back before I got on the buses! Oh, and good luck on the driving test :)